Percy: Hoo boy. First that mountain-sized slug...then that world where Gore won the election....but this looks like home...after just three steps in these dimension-spanning shoes...not ten, like I'm supposed to take... Cole Richards: 'Scuse me, Mister... Percy: Oh, sure. Cole: You and your short cuts, Brent. Brent Sienna: Nice shield, sport. Doesn't breaking a mirror give you seven years' bad luck? Jade Fontaine: You into the Society for Creative Anachronism? I'm into role-playing games, myself... Cole: Give me the eighties' classic videogames...

Brent: None of you have grown up... Francis Ottoman: Dinosaurs. Today's computer games are soooo much better.  Percy: Um.  Troll: Oooooh. Shiny.Skull: Like your mirror-shield, Mister.  Francis: Skull, you coming, or what? Percy: Um. Thanks.'re a troll...aren't  you? Skull: Yep. Percy: Thought so. 'Scuse me...I have some travelling to do.

If you click on the second panel above, it will take you to PVP, which shouldn't need any introduction. For those few of you who haven't been there, it is one of the most widely read and popular comics on the web...and one of the most professionally done....about a gaggle of gamers who write a gaming magazine, and their amiable, and dim-witted, troll, Skull. (A literal one, not the Internet newsgroup variety.) Used with permission of (and personal thanks to) Scott Kurtz.


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