Percy: I shouldn't pause between 'steps'....but this looks so much like home...I hope Mindmistress got away okay...Percy: What?? Clango: That man is staring at us, Maura. Maura: Probably recognizes me as an ex-porn star...sorry, guy, my performing days are over.

Clango: Well, you can 'perform' for me anytime... Maura: Ummm. I hope  you have a good warranty, lover...because I'm going to wear you out! Percy: Lover?Okay...robot lovers for former porn stars...I don't think I'm quite home...yet.  In the words of my role model...I knew I should have taken that left turn at Albuquerque.

If you click on the second panel above, it will take you to DIESEL SWEETIES, a pixielated romance between a robot and an ex-porn star, its unique style and great humor with a really varied cast makes it one of the most deservedly popular strips on the web. Used with the permission of the creator, R. Stevens, and with my thanks.


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