Percy: An earth where the cuban missile crisis became a nuclear winter earth where we never climbed out of the Dark earth where the Scientific Revolution happened in ancient Greece...I've lost track. Is this the ninth or the tenth step? This looks like my reality...okay, in Tokyo, but my reality...Percy: Unfortunately, I don't know any Japanese...hey! You! With the flaming red hair---do you know any English? Rob: Yeah...for all the good it does me.  So what brings you to 'Crisis on Infinite Matrixes'?

Percy: So...this isn't the real Tokyo? Rob:  Nah.  It's some kind of cheap anime rip-off---a sort of almagamated fantasy japan.  Peeko: Keep moving.  Rob: Sure, sure, Peeko...boy, I bet Pikachu isn't this pushy with the humans he works with...Anime? I'm stuck in an anime...reality?  Astroboy.  Sailor Moon. Dragonball Z. I've got to get out of here!

If you click on the second panel above, it will take you to LOWER PLACE, by Rob T., a hilarious strip about another ultra-sarcastic Rob. Lately he has been going through an entertaining mix of anime, Crisis on Infinite Earths, the Matrix, and the Keenspace crash. He's going to retire this strip after this story arc, so I urge you to check it out now.


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