Percy (Caption): Ahhhh...Atlanta---and the Atlanta Journal-Constitution...same mayor, same president...noting different that the day or two I've been gone wouldn't account get some cigarettes.Mindmistress: Detective...  Percy: couldn't you at least wait until I got a cigarette, first?

Percy: I'm not your flunky, lady. I volunteered.  I hereby un-volunteer.  Mindmistress: Too bad; I could have used your help...for the 'Ladies' have made a living beacon to draw them here...combining hairs, insects, and animals into one being.Mindmistress: ...And now that poor model might be the next being...assimilated...because the shoot dictated she be chained, nude, on the of those risque, arty, teasing ads.... Andi: Finn!! Cassie!! Help me!!!!!  Percy: ..... Okay.


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