Percy: Hi, mom. We thought we'd visit... Andi: We're not interrupting you and Lorelei, are we? Lorelei: Oh no! we were just talkin' 'bout how she helped I learned... Dannielle: ...How to love the dark.Dannielle (Caption): I remember how Lorelei first moved to the Happy Hills home...and was scared to death of the dark. She came, whimpering, to my door... Dannielle: Of course you can stay the night.  I'll teach you to love the dark.  Lorelei: Love the dark?

Dannielle: The dark is like a huge...blackboard...and your imagination can draw anything on it. Anything. Even a 'bedtime bear'--or a boy you like.  It doesn't have to be monsters in there. It can be...wonders. Lorelei: Yes...yes, I see.Lorelei: If it weren't for her, I'd still be whimpering in the dark...afraid to try dare...anything. Danielle: Awww, it wasn't much... Andi: You taught her to overcome her fear. I'd say that's quite a lot.


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