Percy (Caption): I walked outside to smoke.  Is that why Mindmistress helped me? Because my mother helped Lorelei overcome her fear of the dark? Surely Lorelei has to be her half sister....a dozen times in the last year, tips have been left on my note pad, signed 'MM.' Tips to rapists. Murderers. Child molesters. Enron-scale con artists. Terrorists.  Lost in thought, I threw my cigarette away...Arthur: Ow! My eye... Percy: You? What are you doing here? ---Spying on your daughter---again? Arthur: None of your business. Percy: None of yours, either.

Caption: Then he turned...ran...and half-blinded, ran into a tree. He was his mid-nineties...he slumped, bleeding, by the tree...Percy (Caption): Then he was gone. We all choose our realities. He chose to let the death of his wife in childbirth poison his life, embitter his days, poison his nights...

Percy (Caption): ...Lock away his daughter. He thought he had no choice...but there are thousands of realities...and only our own obsessions trap us.  Yet now I have a wife.  I'm far luckier than I deserve....but she's pregnant. What if she dies in childbirth?  Would I blame the child...?Percy (Caption): I watched a supermodel go mad, and later become a horror...I saw strange sisters driven mad by their solitude....yet my own flesh and blood is the monster I most fear...because...I might become like him.  They teach you that anyone can become a murderer, under the right circumstances. Maybe that's true of becoming a monster, also.  Maybe we're all horrors... inside...but we can choose...not to be.


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