Vicki: Hi. As many of you know, I'm Mindmistress' hologram/A.I....she calls me Vicki. This story will be told on two levels. And the first mine. When she is released by Lorelei, MM makes the rounds of the libaries and bookstores. She has a dozen library and credit cards under different names and accounts...and spaces them out. She needs to, to read a dozen books anight. She was buying some books, when...Dungeonmaster: Hah! A seven!  You fall into the pit... Salesclerk: Wow. Heavy reading. Literally. Excuse the nosie...we host a role-playing game on Thursdays. Mindmistress: Role-playing game? Oh, yes, I've heard of those... Salesclerk: Interested? Mindmistress: Maybe. Salesclerk: They're starting a new campaign.  They might let you join....

Dungeonmaster: Wow.  You dodged that trap too. You sure you never played before?  Mindmistress: I'm sure.  I'm just...good at figuring odds.  Dungeonmaster: I'll say. I've never seen a character---especially an elvish archer-thief---get so many points in one evening.Dungeonmaster: ...We're here every Thursday, if you want to join, S-Sophia.  Allison is no doubt sick of being the only girl in the group.  Mindmistress: I'll try, but I can't life's...complicated.  Dungeonmaster: I didn't think y ou were geeky enough to fit in, despite the mountain of books... Mindmistress: I'm geekier than you know.  Dungeonmaster: I was wrong. You sure know how to use your imagination.  Vicki (Caption): Famous. Last. Words.


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