Vicki : What?? You and your hectic social calendar....telemarketer? No, the number's your father...luckily I can imitate any voice...Vicki: (in Lorelei's voice) Daddy? Lyons: Lorelei, you okay? I miss you. I wish  you had come with us. Vicki: I'm fine, Daddy.  I just got through watchin' The Neverending Story, and now I'm gonna watch the Powerpuff Girls movie... Lyons: Ahhhh...have fun. See you Tuesday.

Vicki: Not good. Only a few hours have passed...? What will it be like by Tuesday---?  He really does love you, you know...almost as much as heloves money---almost as much as he loves power...Vicki: I suppose I could make myself look like  you--but I couldn't touch anything.  Even with clever excuses, that would give us just a little more time---at best.
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