Vicki : Another call? When did you become Miss Popularity? This is from someone I've never heard of, but it might give me a clue what happened...Vicki: Hello? Dungeonmaster: Hello? Could I speak to Sophia, please? Vicki: Sophia? Sure, just a minute...(in Mindmistress' voice)Yes? Dungeonmaster: Hey...I was just checking to see if you were coming to our game Thursday... Vicki: Uhhhh....well....

Vicki: (In Mindmistress' voice) Well, I'd like to...but the ways things are looking right now, I can't promise... Dungeonmaster: I've never seen such a...natural...fantasy rolepalyer as you, Sophia. Usually first-time novies have a real tough time throwing themselves into the idea of being in a fantasy...not you. You blew us all away.  Vicki: Yeah....too much imagination, that's my trouble, I think...oops. Gotta with you later...when I'm sure. Honest.Vicki: Role-playing games? Fantasy? Imagination? Suddenly it all makes sense...well, you're the only person I know of whom that 'playing role-playing games are bad for you' charge can be proved...
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