Paphieron! Don't you ever get tired of this far outpost, far beyond the skysphere...? Not that I'm trying to talk you out of it...must be fascinating, coordinating the continuascopes to get a more real-time picture of the universe....Mindmistress: What can you tell me about--- Paphieron: That humanoid shaped nebula (maybe) heading right towards us? Mindmistress: already know then.  But then, that's your among other things, observe any threats that might our way...

Paphieron: Sure.  It's my job---but it's puzzling---it's coming from a direction where we know a supernova will if it was born in it. I'ts dropping in and out of otherspace, like my horse-ancestors maintaining a rythym in running...heading straight our way.Mindmistress: Is it giving off any signals---? Paphieron: Oh, yesss. Understandable signals.   One word: 'revenge' over and over...ina  code not used since the time of Nurtanus and Gebea--- Mindmistress: The Lord Spatial and his wife. My great-grandparents.

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