Mindmistress: Are there any answering signals---?  Paphieron: Hard to tell, considering all the communications chatter from the Skysphere....Mindmistress: Well, then can you tell me anything about the code? Paphieron: No: Gebea and Nurtanus' son, The Lord Temporal, destroyed so much in the time-lines....Mindmistress: --That you can't discover it? Not a problem.  I'll just ask my great-grandmother, Gebea.  Paphieron: Isn't she dead? Mindmistress: Yes. That's what makes it...interesting.

Mindmistress: Last time I saw her, my daughter was just born----I think she'd enjoy talking to her great-great-grandmother.... Paphieron: Daughter? Ahhh. The young lady  Nephlas.Mindmistress: Yes. Therthes, her father, is spending some too-rare time with her while I visited you. I think I'll take her with me when I talk to the late Gebea. Children need broadening experiences....like talking to the dead.
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