Lookingforluv: (Caption) So...Vicki...how old are you? 13? Vicki (Caption): Twelve. But I looove older men..and I'm very well-developed for my age. I want to meet you, okay? Email at this address: medea@message.com...and talk...dirty. Vicki: That was fun. I just gave the email address of his local police chief to a pedophile creep...who thinks he's talking to a 12-year-old nymph.Hugh: Vicki! Jon: Vicki! Salsa: Hey, Vicki, where you been, girl? Vicki: Hey, I was just here last night... Tim: Vicki! Lois: Vicki! Dave: Still got that friend lost in the ozone? Vicki: More than you know...

Jon: I still think you should call 911. Vicki: I can't! It's....complicated. Lois: Well, best friend or not, I still think you should walk away from her. Salsa: Yeah. You can't help someone who won't be helped.....Vicki: I made a promise. And I owe this person my...existence.  Tim: She saved your life? Jon: She's your mother? No. I'm a self-aware artificial intelligence. A hologram.She created me. : D. Lois: LOL! Dave: ROFL! Salsa: Let me introduce you to that holographic doctor on that old Star Trek series...you two would make a lovely couple...
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