Mindmistress: This is  your Great-Uncle, Osiades,who.... Nephlas: Are you alive---or dead? Osiades: Living---but I maintain the virtual afterlifes---that one can download your mind to--when our body wears out. Mindmistress: Contact between the living and the dead are kept at a minimum, lest the dead overwhelm the living. I'd like to see the Lady Gebea, please.Gebea: Ahhhh....my descendents. What can I do for you? Mindmistress: Lady, there is an entity larger than stars heading for Athea...using a code current when you were still living. Gebea: Ahhhh...there is no escaping the consequences of our actions...yes, I know all about it.

Gebea: Indeed. I initiated it. Mindmistress: What??? What is it? It is the collected id, the shared hatred, or an entire race---the spite my husband earned---when he destroyed an entire race---to build the Skysphere. Mindmistress: What? What race? That's not in any history I know of... Gebea: Of course you haven't heard of...Hatrid.Gebea: Do you think my son manipulated the timelines merely to consolidate his own power? He tried, desperately, to find some way to save the skysphere and that race too. When he couldn't...and since he knows our civlization depends on the power of the skysphere...he tried to wipe out all clues to what his father, my husband, the Lord Spatial...did. Nephlas: Dead people are scary and neat, Mommy.
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