Jesse: You know, I really like you, Vicki... Steph: You're a good friend. Tom: I wish we could meet face to face... Vicki: You might be disappointed...Tom: Disappointed? Why?  Vicki: I might be a hunchbacked dwarf. I might be a  man. I might be some sort of intelligent program/intelligence. Tom: If so,y ou could easily pass the Turing test...

Vicki: I'm just saying---I like you all---but none of you really know me. I keep secrets... Sharon: You and half of Cyberspace. Joe: I know enough to know I trust you, whatever your secrets. Lee: Ahhhh, cultivating an air of mystery...Charles (private messenging): You know I'm falling in love with you. Vicki: Please don't. Charles: Why? Are you married? A nun? A man? An underage girl? Vicki: I'm none of these things...but I can't return your love. Charles: Just knowing you is enough, Vicki.

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