Mindmistress: Hey, little lady, where's your Daddy!  Nephlas: Hey, Mommy! He knew you were coming, and had some Council business to do, so he left me here in my petting zoo you made for me...Mindmistress: Did you have fun with your Daddy? Nephlas: Sure! We went to this big dome on the moon and flew with strapped-on wings in the low gravity---I swooped and soared like a bird....hey, could you help me with my tensor calculus homework?

Mindmistress: Tensor Calculus? But you're three years old, Nephlas. You should be able to do that... Nephlas: *Sigh* I can do it, Mommy, but I goofed somewhere...I'm getting infinities as answers, and I'm old enough to know that's wrong. Mindmistress:  We'll check it out...but first...Mindmistress: You want to visit your uncle, Osiades, and the visit your great-great-grandmother, Gebea? Nephlas: She's dead, right? Mindmistress: Right. Nephlas: Sure. Dead people are so neat...

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