Mindmistress: See---reaching into the Space-Loop Shield---his own hands and arms are returning from the opposite direction. If he plunges in all the way---he'll be headed away from Athea.Wh-what? He's looping his arms in it---as if trying to 'overload' the shield. But the shield can't be overloaded---it--it looks like the shield is cracking---but that's impossible!

Mindmistress: It's shattering!! But that's---it can't--- Zeammon: But it has---it's not like you to deny the facts, daughter... Mindmistress: But even if the space-loop shield was somehow disrupted, it wouldn't react that way---this is like seeing water run uphill, or two and two make five---or finding the edge of a flat world...Mindmistress: It's impossible! The shield can't shatter like a mirror... Zeammon: Maybe the E'chd'nee had different theories.... Mindmistress: No.  This defies logic. This can't have happened. So...hmmmm.
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