Vicki: Well, out-of-the-way old church in Spanish Calfornia...some outside visitors...a congregation which could use some 'shaking up'...I shouldn't. Really.Vicki (Caption): But a girl's gotta have fun, right? Bystander: Look! Vicki (Caption): Of course, this is one reason the boss suggested this image---people report seeing 'angels' repeatedly---and are never believed.

Vicki (Caption): Of course, I'm also simultaneously appearing above a mosque in Iran---a synogogue in Siberia---I'm sort of an interfaith--albeit totally fake---'miracle'.Vicki (Caption): Why do it? Exhibitionism, perhaps? Or, since I have to keep myself hidden mostly---an urge to show myself to those who can't understand...but I have my choice of forms...I've also appeared as a bigfoot---and I'm behind some recent UFO sightings. What can I say? It's fun to spook some people...
Click on the eye above, in the last panel.


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