Mindmistress: So that's the story. Isera: So what should we do to Gebea? It seems she is at least partially responsible... Mindmistress: Do what? She's dead? What would you do, make her virtual afterlife hellish?.Isera: It's a possibility... Mindmistress: Look, let's stop this 'Hatrid' first and then assign blame later, okay? Panet: Glad to. How? Mindmistress: Look, this thing is powerful but not unstappable. It's warping in and out of otherspace, because it has so much mass, it can't move much very far at one time...

Mindmistress: It takes longer to move its immense bulk across the light-years, which is why Therthes reached here long before it did...but now it's approaching the skysphere.I've set up a huge space-loop shield between it and the skysphere---any force thrown against it will be returned---and it just noticed its own reflection--in the returned light. With luck, we can send it back into the stars....

Click on the eye in the first panel to return to the "waking world".
Click on the last panel to get a fuller explanation of the "space-loop shield".



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