Vicki (Caption): Not many beings can remember their own birth...but I can... Vicki: What? Where am I? Mindmistress: Wrong question. The question is, 'who are you'? You're Vicki--the Virtual Information Computer Knowledge Interface.Vicki: So who are you? Mindmistress: Now there's a question...I was born Lorelei Lyons, but I'm sort of an...enhanced Lorelei. I answer to 'Mindmistress' on the Internet. Vicki: That's a about MM? Or just 'Boss'? Mindmistress: Heh. 'Boss' will do..

Vicki: So what do I do? What am I here for? Mindmistress:  You assist me. You store and process and sift data. You can gather all sorts of digital data. You can also make  yourself heard and seen at any time..a hologram that can send vibrations through the air. You'll have a lot to do.Vicki: ---And? Mindmistress: I need someone to talk to---to entrust someone with my one living fit the I created one. You.
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