Mindmistress: Half an entire race---! Horrible---but surely my great-grandfather tried to contact them, to explain--? Gebea: Of course---but he had turned a race of gentle philosophers---into a race obsessed with one thing, expressed in their sole reply: 'Revenge.' They also replied with--- Nephlas: Weapons, right? Gebea: Indeed, child.Gebea (Caption): The guilt of this---which he kept secret---ate at Nurtanus for decades. When our son, the Lord Temporal, wiped out part of his father's mind.... Lord Temporal: This is almost an act of mercy.  Maybe now it won't haunt you anymore...

To return to the aliens...their ecosystems in the shelter, though, were ruined too. In a week or two, their attacks...ceased. In another week---save for a dozen my husband captured--- Mindmistress: They did too, right? And the survivors didn't last long, I'm sure...Gebea: The World Forum unanimously endorsed the building of the Skysphere...and Nurtanus saw no reason to appall people with what happened. So the truth was buried...aong with the dozen survivors, whom we would't find the appropriate biochemistry to maintain them for long...
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