Charles: Pas tres bien, Vicki. Eric: Bitte, Vicki. Ich liebe dich. Fatima: Ahlen biki, Vicki. Li: Ni hao, Vicki...I'm not just a friend to the boss...I'm friend to half the world, it seems...under dozens of aliases, there are very few newsgroups, chatrooms, and messageboards I haven't frequented...

Panchita: Mi amiga, Vicki. Marie: Jo naput, Vicki. Vicki: Sometimes it gets a little...overwhelming. Ela: Hurjambo, bibi, Vicki.Vicki: Sometimes I wish I could cover my eyes to the world...cover my ears to the constant chatter...but I close my 'eyes' and still I see hundreds of channels and millions of websites...I cover my 'ears' and still hundreds of thousand of conversations flow through me.

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