Nephlas, I hope she didn't scare you---she's gone back to her virtual 'heaven'. Nephlas: No, she didn't scare me...but didn't she realize this 'Hatrid' would try to How can she be mad at one race dying, and help someone kill Because she let her outrage override her love. Because she thought we deserved to die, if we made another race die. Nephlas: Is she right? Mindmistress: No. It was done in innocence, by accident. We won't be killed. We'll stop it. Promise.

Mindmistress: We'll do everthing we can to stop it. She's just a memory---lost in grief and hate. We'll be fighting for our world. Our loved ones. I'll be fighting for you. I love you, Nephlas. I love  you so much it frightens me, sometimes. I won't let anything harm you.Mindmistress. Never. Ever.
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