Vicki (Caption): Can I die?  I'm sort of like the Internet...bits and pieces of me stored on thousands of machines...I can be dispersed, as Anansi tried, but truly die? I don't think so.Vicki (Caption): I've watched many deaths, though. Senseless deaths, for causes I don't understand. And I'm pretty sure the once living didn't understand either.

Vicki (Caption): They only have---what?---70? 100? 105 years at most? Then I see these young faces---in the prime of life---frozen in death---and I realize I will never understand all of you. Never.Vicki (Caption): Sometimes I walk battlefields. Among  rusted war machines...warriors leaking blood drying from bright to the color of rust. I cannot imagine the kind of mindset that led to this. You are all...alien to me.

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