Gebea: The race were called the E'ch'dnee---for aeons they were able to siphon and store negative emotions, the id unleashed, leaving behind only calm contemplation... Mindmistress: Until their contemplation---and their shelter---was shattered by my great-grandfather. Gebea: Yes. I went to visit the dozen survivors, but couldn't save them from eventual death...Gebea: They saw how much I loathed the extinction of any species, much less an intelligent one...that we had committed the unforgivable sin...against nature. Against the universe.  Mindmistress: But you didn't know! Gebea: Ignoarance is not an law or in nature...then they told of their process of storing centuries of their hate, their id...

Gebea: I opened a 'catwalk' between us and a star about to go supernova...protected from our environment in a field, they were able to send their stored emotions in a magnetic bottle 'life-form to the heart of the star, with my help...Gebea: When the star exploded, the magnetic bottle 'seed' formed an energy-being, like Lord Forceful--directed by centuries of stored hate---forming itself in the image of the E'Ch'Dnee's destroyer---humanity.

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