Hatrid: So my creators died to power you? Well, let me bind you---and your power! My form and my size is what I wish it to be.... Zeammon: Uhhh! Mindmistress: No...Hatrid: And your name is...? Zeammon: Zeammon, the Lord Forceful, grandson of the Lady Gebea, who helped create  you.... Hatrid: Which also makes you the grandson of Nurtanus, the Lord Spatial, whose blundering destroyed my creators. How...fitting. Mindmistress: No!!!

Mindmistress: We have to free him...Isera, shut down all non-essential projects to give him more power. Horollo, you're an energy being too.  Go there and distract Hatrid with mirages and images..Therthes, Hatrid's skin is just a huge and powerful magnetic 'bottle', as my father is. I think I can design something to disrupt his 'skin' but you'll have to deliver it...and we'll have to be careful to disrupt the side not faccing us, or it'll be like uncorking a supernova....Mindmistress: Hello? Isera? Horollo? Therthes, love? Panet? Bastermis? Anyone? Where did you all go? Hatrid: Ha hah ha hah...
Click on the eye above, in the last panel.


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