Temporal Triad: Well, well...I've never seen the likes of you before... Vicki: Yipes! Don't do that... Triad: What brings you beyond time, at the edge of space, to the bounds of reality? Vicki: Reality? This?Triad: Oh. You're a program? An artificial intelligence? Vicki: What? How did you know? Triad: Isn't it obvious? Vicki: Obvious? Wait, this 'reality you talked about...

Vicki: How old are your children when they learn to read? Triad: One year, usually. Vicki: And...your first exposure to calculus? How old then?  Triad: Three or four. Why? Vicki: Have you ever...forgotten...anything? Triad: Of course not.  Vicki: Of course...not.  So they're all like...her.Vicki: If you don't mind my asking...who are you? Triad: The Temporal Triad. Guardians and protectors of the timeline of the world and culture of Athea. Your turn: what are you---who designed you---and where are you from? Vicki: Hoo boy. I'm Vicki---but past that---I'm not sure how to answer you.
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