Mindmistress: As the one remaining member of the Command Council, I declare a state of emergency, subject only to the Consensus Congess. I take command of the Peacekeepers and the Guardians, in this emergency.Mindmistress: I will address the entire population. After all, they are the Congress of Consensus. Every person is a legislator...in a direct democracy, they all have a right to know. ---And I will dress in the armor of a Peacekeeper---the armor I designed, as the last remaining Command Council member...the last member of the executive branch.

Mindmistress: General, I want all nonessential projects throughout the system shut down.  Guardian General: Milady.  Mindmistress: Commissioner, I want you to assume command of all cross-continuum 'catwalks'. The last thing we want is a mass exodus across creation. If we have to choose a new world, we'll go together. Peacekeeper Commisioner: Milady.Mindmistress:---And I pledge that we will do everything possible---to save our world and our culture from the menace facing it.  Plans of attack---as well as plans of escape---are being considered.  And yes, I too now wish the Skysphere wasn't transparent. I feel like a fish in a bowl---

Click on the eye in the first panel to return to the "waking world"---or actually, MM's mind---or really, a metaphor that Vicki is exploring---ahhh, skip it. Where Vicki is, okay?.



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