Therthes: He's absorbing the coils---and looking much stronger... Zeammon: I...I never even imagined such power...Zeammon: Now. Now. Now. Panet: Clash of the Titans... Therthes: It's been done...I just hope they won't destroy Athea in the process...

Therthes: He's on his way, Sophia... Mindmistress: Good. The spokeswoman for the Temporal Triad is trying to dealy Hatrid at the Isle of Eons....even at lightspeed, it will take Zeammon a few minutes to reach Athea...Therthes: Sophia...if we don't survive...if Zeammon can't stop him...I just want to say the sweetest, best thing in my you. Mindmistress: Therthes: I care for you so much it hurts.
Click on the eye above, in the last panel.


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