Spokeswoman for the Triad: Oh. Right. None of this is really happening. Vicki: Minus the sarcasm, yes.  Triad: Reality check...or is it...unreality check? Hatrid's looming over you right now.Hatrid: This one interests me....we are alike in some ways....come little one.  Vicki: What? No!! Triad: No!!

Hatrid: You will be safe there until I can stirp your secrets from you... Vicki: No! You can't do this! (Caption) Empty words. Obviously he could.Vicki: Let me out---out---out!! Hatrid: But you are out---since according to you--I don't exist. Vicki (caption): When will I learn to keep  my mouth shut?
Click on the eye above, in the last panel.


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