Vicki (Caption):I can't touch the locket...and if nothing else, the Lyons-Burns effect that makes her superintelligent will give her brain cancer---in two weeks.Vicki (Caption): I made every sound I could think of...from an elephant trumpeting to an explosion. Nothing. She was still in her own world.

Vicki: What if they break in here, and find an unmasked Mindmistress---note the resemblence?  Your father will figure it out---our goverment is searching for you---half the goverments and terrorist organizations in the world want you--what if they got ahold of your technology?Vicki: What if they got hold of the locket---the Lyons-Burns effect--and could increase their own intelligence?  What kind of world would that be--? Boss, please---
Click on the eye above, in the last panel.


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