Magistrate Lonos: Milady? Milady Sophia? Are you ready to return now?Lonos: It's fun riding these rocky hills on your genetically-tailored steeds--old fashioned  as it seems---without hovercraft or crossdimensional corridors---but your city awaits.  I manage it, but you are its patron---I'm afraid it needs you.

Mindmistress: Sorry, Lonos. I was lost in thought... Lonos: Doubtless thoughts beyond my ken.  Mindmistress: Nonsense. You make me sound like a freak...I'm bright, but your IQ is in the high 600s, I happen to know.... Lonos: Still, there is a reason they call you 'Mistress of the Mind.'Lonos: Something wrong, milady? Mindmistress: No...something is right. The sight of the city never fails to take my breath away...These'ens, the most cultured city in all Athea...the skyhook, reaching into orbit next to my hilltop I love it. Thanks for the ride, Nikasus. Nikasus (a genetically-altered horse): To the complex, milady? Mindmistress: Of course, Nikasus.

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