Mindmistress: Actually, in a minute or two it won't be a problem for either of you--- Hatrid: Friend of yours? Zeammon: Daughter.Hatrid: Ah.  Kids.Mindmistress: First off, Hatrid, you're not the collective id of the E'Chid'Nee...you're only my id...and my anima. The part of me that wants to frustrate my deepest plans... Hatrid: What?? Are you insane?? Mindmistress: No. Not anymore.

Mindmistress: ---And this locket, I think, holds the key to it all--I'm in a trance---the whole world of Athea, its history and glory, is my fantasy---and this locket can wake me up. Vicki: Boss! Boss! Can you hear me? Boss!! Please...oh, please...Hatrid: Hmmmm. Someone I've captured has a similar delusion... Vicki: But if you end this fantasy---while I'm captured in it--what'll happen to me?
Click on the eye above, in the last panel.


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