Zeammon: Sophia...I know you've been under a lot of pressure... Mother: But it's cowardly to escape into solipcism---not for my daughter. Mindmistress: But I'm not your daughter---not really. How distant or dead my real parents must be, if I fantacize about them being an energy-being or a digital one....Therthes: Sophia...please. I'll be on Athea in minutes...don't. Remember, the Triad said the locket would end all existence. Nephlas: Mommy? Mommy? You're scaring me...you said you'd always protect me... Mindmistress: Therthes...Nephlas...

Therthes, you've been a joy. But...I was hoping Zeammon could lure Hatrid away from Athea. Hatrid saw through that. Athea is doomed...existence is doomed anyway! Nephlas...I love you more than life itself...just not more than the truth. Neither one of you is real...Mindmistress: ---And I won't be lied to. Not even by--myself.

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