Lorelei: Okay, I don't know what's going on...so I think MM better take over.  Vicki: No, Lorelei!! You might throw her--you---back into a trance!Mindmistress: It's...okay, Vicki. I'm me, not Lady Sophia, Zeammon's daughter, or...Nephlas' mother.  Vicki: Good. Good. But...you okay?  Mindmistress: .... ....We'll talk about it later. Right now, Hatrid's loose. That's what we have to focus on.

Vicki: But..he can't hav ethe power of an imaginary supernova... Mindmistress: He doesn't. But he's like  you...and you're more powerful than you know. And, as a copy of my id, he has my cleverness...just not my memories. 'Scuse me while I raid the fridge...Mindmistress: Ummhh!! Boy, was I hungry!! Vicki: But Boss--Hatrid only had a beef against your fantasy world--why should he be a threat---? Mindmistress: Because he's my id. Every petty, angry or shameful thing I've ever thought--personified, without restraint. Malice...on the move.


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