Vanessa Lyons: Zeke, I had such a good time...I adore Hawii.  Ezekiel Lyons: Yes, it was a treat for me too.  I wish Lorelei had come with us...I hope she wasn't too bored. Hmmm. Seems to be a cloudy day in Atlanta...Hatrid: You are cleared for descent to Runway Four... Air Traffic Controller: Who's imitating my voice and hijacked the voice channel? We can't reach flight 109...and flight 327 is already cleared for that runway. They'll collide... Controller 2: We have a situation here...

Vicki: Bingo. There he is. He's jamming Air Traffic Control and setting two jets on a collision course...and one of them has your father on it. Mindmistress: I thought he wouldn't waste any time...good thing I summoned the catwalk minutes ago...Vicki, I need exact speed and directions of the jets.... Vicki: There wasn't time for her aircraft, the Swiftthought. That's why she's above two jets going as fast as bullets---a thousand feet higher---calculating trajectories in her head---for the best time to---jump.


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