Vicki: Meanwhile...eight blocks of London are blacked for one telly in one flat, where a devil with flaming eyes quotes from her husbands email---to young boys---in detail after sordid detail. She waits for him...gun loaded and cocked.Vicki (Caption): In Paris, DNA testing is emailed to the police---making a positive match between a suburban husband and father ---and a rapist who had been stalking the neighborhood for months.  The email results are a lie.  Deliberately changed by Hatrid--to see how easily he can ruin someone's life.

Vicki (Caption) : Simultaneously and 'inexplicably' Tupelo, San Francisco, Columbus, Seattle, Newark and Providence---the traffic lights turned green---to all onrushing traffic--in each city's busiest intersection---resulting in multiple fatalities and injuries.Vicki (Caption): Hours later... Hatrid: Enough sideshows. The most powerful person on this pale, pitiful planet...asleep...near the nuclear 'football' that can launch a nuclear arsenal. Time for the main event---nuclear war---and winter.


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