Mindmistress: Y'know, Hatrid, you disappoint me. I expected you here hours ago. Which is why I hypnotized those two and their Secret Service guards, and waited---Hatrid: Because even if you--somehow--block me from America's nuclear arsenal ---I'll just set off a North Korean atomic missile to hit the heart of Tokyo---an Israeli nuclear misile--kept secret---to hit the heart of Mecca---an Iranian missile to hit Tel Aviv...

Hatrid: I'll trigger an Indian missile at Karachi...a Chinese h-bomb at Sydney...a British submarine will fire a missile into the Vatican...a French missile will level Buenos Aires...Hatrid: ---And I'll be above it all, in communications satellites, as the wars begin in earnest---and watch the summer snowflakes fall---signalling the end. Mindmistress: Nice graphics. And--? Hatrid: You can try to stop me a thousand times. I only have to succeed---once.


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