Mindmistress: *Giggle* Heheheh...Bwahahahahahahah!!! Hatrid: What? Not the reaction I expected. Mindmistress: Sorry, but you fell for this so completely...Mindmistress: You believe this is the real world!! A world in which people are killed---in the name of whom they conceive as the creator of life! Get a clue! Where people shoot at each other--depending on which side of an imaginary line---a 'national boundary'---they're born on!

Mindmistress: A world where you're arrested for using or selling drugs...unless it's cancer-causing tobacco, or judgement-destroying alcohol...where people have been lynched or enslaved because of how dark their skin is, tortured or gassed because of who they to sleep with...didn't these contradictions...these absurdities...arouse your suspicions?Mindmistress: A world where the rich get richer...where the talented cut off their ears and die in obscurity. Where the prosperous jog to lose weight, and live longer...where farmers are paid to destroy their crops...while millions starve to death in abject poverty? You're trapped in an illusion...a jury-rigged 'world' we hastily and clumsily put together.  Hatrid: Then...where is...reality?


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