Vicki : Forethought might be able to help---if I knew how to contact him. But I don't.  He might be in a similar trance, for all we know.Boss. Boss. If you can hear me in that trance you're in---think about Lorelei.  If you lose your life in a dream....you throw hers away, also.

Vicki: Suppose the world knew that Lorelei could become, for a time, ultra-intelligent?  How often would they demand Lorelei become Mindmistress....how little time would she have to be...just her? Instead of sharing  your lives equally...something I always respected you for...think of how insignificant Lorelei would feel...Vicki: Lorelei deserves her own life. Up to now, you've let her have one...let her live, Boss. Please.
Click on the eye above, in the last panel.

Also, if you click on the first panel, you'll be taken to Forethought's story...


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