Magistrate Lonos: Ahhh, the gates of These'ens...and the Peacekeepers, protected by suits of  your own design...Mindmistress: Lonos, do you know what 'forgetting' is? It's a rare condition, almost unheard-of, where one cannot something one experienced or once knew...I have the oddest feeling I've forgotten, someone.Lonos: No, milady. I've heard of this 'forgetting' but never experienced it...and I find it hard to believe you could forget anything. Mindmistress: The feeling passes. Lonos: For instance, one of your best ideas was to have our youth at age 17, serve in some capacity---in the military in your keeping the civil peace, in your peacekeeper suits and psyche-staffs---or as medical assistants or teaching assistants.

Guardswoman: Magistrate. Guardsman: Miladay. Lonos: After two years of serving the community, they are free...thanks for the ride, milady...I wish I could forget that I have to return to running the city's bureaucracy... Mindmistress: Hah! Rather you than I. Take care, Lonos.Guardsman: Milady. Peacekeeper: Welcome home.  Guardsman. Peacekeeper. Thanks. I still feel someine is missing...a sweet, innocent spirit...blonde-haired? Blue-eyed? I didn't know I could forget...

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