Vicki :Maybe we could trust that detective Lovelace---whose 'brillant deductive reasoning' thinks you're your half-sister--but he may be an unconventional detective--but we're never sure when or if he might decide to enforce the federal warrants against you---and you're in no position to defend yourself.Vicki: Besides, he's 'busy' with his wife...too bad you don't have a lover...he might be able to snap you out of it...unfortunately, you're the most unapproachable female since Queen Elizabeth the First---the 'virgin queen'.

Vicki:What was it you said---? 'I have the same urges as anyone else---but everyone else is a small child, or an animal---in intellect---compared to me.  I want someone to talk to--to have fun with.  Only a pervert wants someone that different from them.  I want a companion---not a sex toy.Vicki: ---So you resigned to being a--- virtual nun---alone forever.  The lone voice of reason in a world of cattle...because even if you gave in to those urges you'd still be...essentially...alone.
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