Guardsman: Oh...and  you have a guest waiting... Mindmistress: So I see...the Ambassador's been months. Where have you been? Insterstellar empires? Other realities? What stories do you have for Ahhhh, but it's good to be back...milady...Sophia...remember the langue we devised, just The new martial arts system of defense we developed? The epic poem I composed, verse by verse, while we were...  Mindmistress: As I recall, you were quite...inventive.

Therthes: Ahhhh, Sophia, almost I could give up be with stay with you... Mindmistress: ---And how many women have you told that to, I wonder? Don't worry---I like you just as you are...a likable, clever rogue.Mindmistress: I don't ask for faithfulness, Therthes...just for...  Ambassador Therthes: Shhhh. You don't have to ask...for anything.  I crossed creation...just for another night with you.

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