Enough! Enough. I can't take...any....more.  Ambassador Therthes: Spoilsport. By the way, I composed a composition---during.Therthes: Using the Ra'Entaur musical scale, I made a beautiful symphony...about Dorpana and the Chaos Cube... Mindmistress: You're kidding. No, for once, you're serious. While we were--?

Mindmistress: I suppose I should be outraged that you were thinking about anything else---but... Therthes: You were thinking of some new theory...or device...or application. Mindmistress: I guess we just inspire each other---so where have you been? Therthes: ...Negotiated treaties with two interstellar empires, sent the council's greetings to a third---then paused---and glimpsed something---interesting. Mindmistress: What? Therthes: Let's leave it for the council meeting tonight.  I want us to enjoy today.

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