Lorelei: If--if you don't do somethin' t'protect ano--form any harm--this is just th' beginnin'!  Mindmistress: Charming. Vicki, couldn't you have reminded her that I remember...everything?Mindmistress: That video? Totally unecessary. While you were at it--maybe talked her out of...this? Vicki: Uh...what answer won't get me deleted. Mindmistress: The truth. Vicki: It was funnier that way.

Mindmistress:So I'm out of that ridiculous outfit--and back in a ridiculous outfit of my own choosing. Vicki: So what are you going to do, Boss? Mindmistress: I've no choice.Mindmistress: I've got to protect Nano from any harm, or Lorelei does something worse. So I'll have to find a way to make Nano--invulnerable.

 CHAPTER 2 PAGES:1 23456


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