Vet: Nano should recover.  But Lorelei, he'll need lots of care the next few weeks. Tercero: But--he'll limp away. Lorelei: Tercero--let me take care of 'im--till he's better.Lorelei: Tercero--he'll be fine. One thing I'm good at--is takin' care of animals.  You can visit anytime-- Tercero: When Nano's well--he comes home?  Lorelei: Well, sure.

Tercero: But it'll happen again. That man'll catch Nano again.  He'll kill 'im. That man hates me an' Miz Lewis. Lorelei: Shhhh, Tercero. It'll be okay. Tercero: No, Nano'll die!Tercero: He lied. No kinds hurt Nano.  He did it. He'll do it again. Nano'll die. No he won't.  I-I'll find a way t'protect 'im. I promise.

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