Mindmistress (Caption): Legendary invulnerability.  Nemean lion. Impervious skin. Heracles/Hercules had to crush internal organs and strangle the lion. Heracles had to skin the lion with its own claws. Peter Paul Rubens did a magnificent sketch of Hercules and the Lion. Two greek warriors have partical invulnerability in Trojan War. Achilles' heel was his only vulnerable part. Greater Ajax was only vulnerable on his neck and arm-pit.  Fictional indestructibility: SF author Cordwainer Smith's Daimoni created indestructible buildings like Earthport--rising 25 kilometers into the sky.  Cordwainer Smith was the pseudonym for Paul Linebarger.  Linebarger spoke six languages.  Was an expert on psychological warfare.  Linebarger's godfather was Sun Yat Sen, father of Chinese nationalism.  Larry Niven's Puppeteers had General Product Hulls--transparent, indestructible super molecules.

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