Mindmistress (Caption): If interatomic bonds can't break, Nano would soon be a dead cat...a corpse which would never...decompose. ATP splitting powers muscle movement.  Neuorons need it, also.  DNA strands need to split to replicate.  Energy must augment not only bonding but necessary splitting of bonds--which would in fact yield even more energy once the bonds were split.  Both bonding and splitting of bonds internally would be amplified.  Hyper-bonded life coudl laugh at bullets, explosions, lightning bolts. Yet internally, still keep the chemical machinery to maintain...life.  Covalent bonds. Ionic bonds. Protein folding.  Respiration. Cell reproduction.  Digestion.   Small internal 'filters' might be made--no more difficult than email filters, or the operations in a cell's nucleus...to prevent poisons and overdosing of dangerous materials from affecting the lifeform. To bond with enough arsenic to maintain life, but not enough to end it, for example.  Most poisons are overdoses of things actually used by cells.  A little discrimination...and even cyanide couldn't kill such a being.

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