Mindmistress: While visiting other realities I saw other superhumans---and found clues to their abilities. In Vigil's reality-- Vicki: Boss! Mindmistress: Magellan's--or Killroy and Tina's and their (shudder) President Ventura.Mindmistress: Vicki--? Vicki: It's almost time for Leo to pick Lorelei up-- Mindmistress: Right. It's depressing---but needs to be done. I'll change---literally.

Leo Bowman: Ready, Lorelei? Lorelei: Sure, Leo. It's just...so sad...what happened to your brother...to go from actin' like a hero who can do almost anything...Lorelei: ...To bein' as helpless as a baby...must be...heartbreakin'. I wish I could make him...not just normal. Super.
Third interlude and part-prelude: Please visit VIGIL, MAGELLAN, and KILLROY AND TINA for some of the best superheroic action on the net, and makes GRAPHIC SMASH one of my favorite destinations on the web. And yes, there was a reason for all these guest arts/crossovers where she was checking out the other realities...she was trying to find other super intelligent people like herself. She didn't discover any in her league (although Ms. Kwan at MAGELLAN comes close) but she did learn about extraordinary abilities and superhuman anatomy...and how to-- perhaps-- push the process in our reality. This is leading directly into the next story arc.

Oh, and you've seen Leo Bowman before, albeit less clean-shaven, in the first story about Forethought.


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