Lorelei (Caption): Mr. Jim wuz my favorite teacher... LA: Lorelei, I've got some bad news--Mr. Jim--- Lorelei: What? LA: He died. Lorelei: What?? LA: HEart attack. It happens, even to young men--- Lorelei (Caption): It didn't seem possibul...Lorelei: Dayz latur--I was at Mr. Jim's funarel...his colej rommate wuz upset... Chelsea: Jubal.. Jubal: I'll be okay, Chelsea...honest. It just seems so ...unreal... Lorelei: I had a balloone.

Lorelei (Caption): At the end---I let my balloone go. All his old students did. They 'rekwested balloones 'sted of flowers.  I...liked th' balloones. Lorelei: Bye, Mr. Jim. Bye.Chelsea: So...beautiful! Jubal: Chelsea, I've been an idiot... Lorelei: Miss you...hope you like the 'loons...risig up in the air...till the wind blows it---who knows where?
Second interlude: Observent readers might recognize Chelsea and Jubal from CLAN OF THE CATS, one of my favorite webcomics. This is a Lorelei-eye's-view of the guest strip I and Peng Tao of the JADED did starting here at "The Most Important Question"(you'll notice Lorelei as the blonde in the second and third strips.) Used with permission (and personal thanks) of Jamie Robertson, creator of CLAN OF THE CATS.


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