Davisdoll: I miss the R.D.T. The Golem. That hot priate ghost queen. Even Miz Har---well---maybe not everything---and then there was that creepy little Davids doll--Davisdoll: --Did everything I did--mirrored my walking--echoed my talking--is it still doing it, I wonder? Weird to think that doll-duplicate could be anywhere---doing---me.

Davisdoll: Nevermind that Davis doll--I need to concentrate on this AIDS walk--and if that hottie's impressed. Lorelei: Ooooh...a talking doll. An' no one around'...somene left it here...Lorelei: It's so ugly, it's kinda cute...loud, though. I'll put it in a case. Davisdoll: Maybe the hottie'll pick me up and take me home...nestled in her bedoom--
Okay, once upon a time there was a really...odd...webcomic called the REPOSITORY OF DANGEROUS THINGS ---and Hellboy would have been comfortable there. Also Mulder of X-Files. Or that short lived Sci-Fi program about the tabloid that was really a source of the paranormal...well, it came to an end. But the creator decided to give out some of the objects to the rest of the webcomics world, to make sure the things would survive, in some fashion...

So I claimed the Davis Doll, which duplicated every move or word Davis made, the hapless Everyman who was the only normal person there. (Miz Harper was anything but normal...

I haven't been able to put the Davis Doll in a storyline yet---so I thought I'd use this first interlude to introduce him. Walking through Atlanta landmarks, finally being picked up by Lorelei. We'll see him again.



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